Confessions: 7 reasons why Thai girls cheat

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Most men cheat for physical reasons and when for emotional ones, though why is it exactly that makes Thai girls cheat on their boyfriends and husbands. For Thai girls it’s not your normal reasons for the most part but some are, Thai girls are not only jealous but it’s also more likely that your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you than a western woman would, the reasons why Thai girls cheat might even surprise you. The good news is there are many ways to ensure that your Thai girl won’t cheat on you.
I’ve learned there are many reasons why Thai girls cheat on you, from being bored, to you being bored in bed, to baffling reasons like she just wanted to try it. Read on for the truth behind reasons why Thai girls cheat.

List of reasons why Thai girls cheat

Reason #1: There is no fire or passion

“Su” had been dating this guy Brendan from Canada for about 2 years now, everything on the outside looked great both working, living in a nice house, good friends. But the reality was their relationship was OK except they just didn’t have a spark anymore, Brendan lately had been getting massages for relief and at the expense of his wife who wasn’t getting any. So when some guy from Australia approached her at the gym, she felt excitement like she hadn’t felt for years, next thing leads to the next, and before you know it Su is pairing up with this Aussie 3 times a week. She didn’t feel bad about Brendan because he was getting his own. Don’t forget about your main girl if you are messing around, you need to make sure she is satisfied or you run the risk of her finding it elsewhere.

Reason #2: Delaying the inevitable breakup

Sometimes a Thai girl might not be that into you, she may be everything to you but if it’s not reciprocal then it’s just not going to work out. Thai girls though won’t come out and tell you this, unless they are financially stable they are more likely to go find another sugar daddy while still with you, once the other daddy relationship is fully established you’ll come home one day to find her gone. How do you know she is dating someone else will vary depending on how you guys live your lives, though if you do find out, best thing to do is help her find the other guy or you’ll be stuck with her.

Reason #3: You don’t live in Thailand

A mate of mine lives in California for 11 months of the year and for 1 month of the year here’s in Thailand, he’s had a girlfriend here for the past 7 years. Being away for 11 months of the year is a strain on the relationship, while he had been faithful, his girlfriend had not, in fact she had several other boyfriends that also only came to Thailand once a year for a month. This had gone on for 5 years without him knowing about it, and how could he know about it he wasn’t even in Thailand! My mate was sending his Thai girl money every month so he could support her, even though this took great strain on his finances. Bottom line is if you meet a Thai girl in a bar Thai girl in a bar and expect her to be faithful when you aren’t around then the only person who is going to eat dirt is you!

Reason #4: No sense of commitment

Thai girls mostly want to date foreigners because of the stability, and if there is no stability then she is going to look elsewhere. Why do you think so many Thai guys are able to have more than one girlfriend at a time and it seems the girls turn a blind eye to it? It’s because the Thai girl knows she has stability with the guy, the guy is always going to be there for her where no one else is. If she knows your not going to get rid of her then she’ll be ok about you having a second girlfriend. But, if it’s very new in the relationship and she doesn’t think your going to take care of her for the rest of her life then you have a 90% chance that she is going to cheat on you, she is more likely to do this in the beginning of your relationship so make sure you keep reiterating to her that you intend to stick around.

Reason #5: You treat her too badly

Let’s face it, Thai girls are a real handful they can be whiny, annoying, threatening, ungrateful and unfaithful. But if you beat her down she will resent you, you call her fat, and stupid all the time, she just isn’t going to like you anymore and won’t think your fun either, think about it would you want to be with that person too? The worse you treat your Thai girl the more likely it is that she is going to cheat on you, some french guy she meets at 7 eleven offers her to go to his room and is really nice to her, she’s going to think about the last time you hit her and probably go.

Reason #6: She is really really bored

James is a 40 year old teacher that lives in Thailand. He goes to teach 6 days a week for about 10 hours a day, the schedule is quite grueling but because he works for one of the top high schools in the country he enjoys a very healthy salary in the 6 figure mark. His 21 year old girlfriend doesn’t go to college doesn’t work and basically sits at home all day watching TV soaps, she has no interest nor motivation to go to the gym, go back to school,or join any sort of club.