Share with you a sad story, keep in mind there are still honest Thai girl.

I was in Thailand in October. On my last full day there, I was in the lower food court of the Paragon (sp?) shopping mall. I noticed a very nice looking Thai girl eating alone. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I’m pretty shy, but I really wanted to know this girl. I walked by, said hello, and gave her my business card which had my e-mail address on it. I just said, “I’m leaving tomorrow, but if you’d like to stay in touch, here is my card and e-mail address.

When I returned back to the US, I had an e-mail from “Meena”. She said that she had a myspace page and that I could contact her there. 

We started a relationship from that point on. Meena and I each got webcams, and microphones so we could talk via Yahoo messenger for free. I’d never done it before and it was amazing how easy it was to see each other and talk. 

Meena grew up in New Zealand, and comes from a very nice family. In fact, she told me of a twin sister who lived in San Fransico.

After months of talking, I really wanted to get to know this girl. I found a cheap flight on the 13th of Feb so I booked it. She teaches art at a school in BKK, and she wanted to take me down to Trang where her mother lived. Her father passed away a few years ago. 

Everything was going great when one day (night in BKK) Meena called and told me that she didn’t feel well and was going to the hospital. I never heard from her after that. She’d never return my messages or calls. That was on the 4th of Feb.

Thinking that she hadn’t been honest with me and that she had a boyfriend or something. Yes, I’ve been to Thailand before and know all about the bar girls and all that stuff. I didn’t think Meena was like that though.

I went to Thailand anyway, and tried to call Meena while I was there, but the phone said that I couldn’t reach that number at this time. I didn’t know where her school was, and only knew that her mother lived in Trang.

After I returned, I was still troubled by Meena’s lack of explaination to not talking to me. I returned last Tuesday.

On Wed, I had a message on myspace from her twin sister asking if I was the one that had been talking to Meena. She wanted my phone number and would call me that night. She never called.

On Thursday, Meena’s sister called me. 

After calling me, Meena went to the hospital and died four days later. I didn’t know it, but Meena had Leukemia. She’s had it since she was 12. She had planned to tell me when I got there about her illness. She never got the chance.

Her sister flew back to BKK the day she died. She knew that I was in Thailand, but didn’t know where I was and couldn’t get ahold of me. She was able to track me down via myspace to tell me the bad news.

Meena hadn’t been involved with anyone in five years and her family was so happy that she had meet me. They said that she was so full of life and happy about spending time with me. Her and her mother went out shopping for me. They bought new sheets for “my” bed and her mother bought me a robe to wear while there.

I just wish I had known of her illness. I would have taken the next flight there. I would have made sure that I had her mothers phone number and known the hospital in which she was going to.

My heart is broken today, but I have a new Angel watching over me