Interview from Munoy to 3 Pattaya thai lady.

Munoy: The first question was obviously, ‘Why did you come to work here?’

Porn: The first answer was obviously, ‘Because people told me the money was good.’

All: General agreement.

Munoy: Is it true?

Yo: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It’s like anything. It depends on the tourism and the number of customers.

Apple: It used to be very good when the American navy came in, but not anymore.

Toi: Yeah. They’re all afraid of AIDS, and now coronavirus.

Munoy: So, if you’re not making enough money, why do you still do this work?

Tip: We can’t get jobs anywhere else.

Munoy: Are you sure you couldn’t.

Porn: Look, you! Sorry. Where do you expect us to work? I only finished fourth grade. To get decent jobs you have to have finished . . .oh, I don’t know. But no one wants us. And we “expire” at about age 25.

Munoy: Thai bars seem to do pretty regular business. Couldn’t you get jobs there?

Toi: Thai bars don’t want us. Thai men don’t like girls who look like us.

Munoy: I don’t understand.

Porn: Oh, come on. OK, I’ll talk. I applied to work in a Thai member’s club. They told me I didn’t have the right “personality”. That means I wasn’t good looking enough.

Yo: Thai men like women who have light complexions and different body types than us. We’re too dark and skinny.

Munoy: Are Thai bars better than bars that foreigners come to?

Tip: In most ways they are. Thai men come to bars for one reason. To enjoy themselves.

Munoy: How about farang men?

Porn: Oy, yo, yo! Farang men. What a bunch of neurotics! And boring. They get drunk and we have to sit and listen for hours as they tell us their endless problems. I don’t understand English very well and who knows what they’re talking about. I’m not their mother. I want to get my job done and take care of the next customer.

All: Porn’s right. It’s true, etc.

Toi: And they all say we’re so much more beautiful than farang women. Ha!

Yo: We know that’s not true. We see many very beautiful farang women here in Pattaya.

Apple: I haven’t spoken yet. Let me talk! They say we’re more beautiful than farang women. I think that the real reason is that these men themselves are not charming enough to attract their own kind. I wouldn’t want most of them as a life partner.

Munoy: But I have seen many bar workers married to farang men.

Porn: You like to play stupid. When we start getting past the age of attraction and meet a man who is halfway decent and responsible, we marry him. It’s a matter of life security. But we don’t think of it as romantic love.

Munoy: Who would you like to have as a life partner?

Apple: A gentle Thai man. Maybe a civil servant.

All: Dream on. Are you crazy?

Munoy: Huh?

Yo: A lot of Thai men are very charming, sweet and handsome. But they lack a sense of responsibility toward their family duties.

Toi: The best thing is to have a farang husband and a Thai lover on the side (giggles all round).

Porn: Don’t talk like that! We’re looking for what any woman looks for in a man. A good person who loves and cares about his family and is reasonably stable.

Apple: I never thought about getting married. I always wanted to be a doctor, but my family was poor and I couldn’t go to school.

Munoy: Oh?

Porn: Dammit! You’re just like everybody else! Farang men never believe it when we tell them the truth, but accept all our lies. Listen, do you think just because we’re poor country people that we didn’t have dreams. Do you think I sat as a little girl and thought ‘Oh, how wonderful! When I grow up I can go to Pattaya and sell myself to a bunch of dirty old men?

Yo: Porn, leave him alone. He’s not looking down on us. He just wants to know.

Porn: I’m sorry. I’m just a little hot head and resentful. All of us would like to have a good education like you. Everybody thinks this is easy money. Phooey! But when you’re poor and have many brothers and sisters and everyone’s hungry all the time you do anything to survive. When we find out there are opportunities, it’s usually too late. We aren’t accepted by the normal world anymore. Everyone looks at us and looks down on us. I always wanted to write stories for children but I don’t have the heart for it now.

All: Porns’s really smart. We call her teacher.

Munoy: If you could ask anyone for advice and help, who would it be?

All: (Very reverently) Uh, Her Majesty the Queen Mother. Her Majesty has Metta (compassion) for all Thai people.

Munoy: What will you do after you stop working here?

Yo: I’ve saved a little money and have built a small house for my sister so she could find a good husband. I’ll go back home and take care of her children for her.

ALL: Or we can marry widowers who need wives.

Munoy: Thank you for talking so freely.

ALL: (Everybody Wais) Mai Pen Rai Kha. Please come back and visit again. You can be our psychologist. (Laughter).

Pattaya devastated

PATTAYA: Beaches are deserted, go-go bars stand empty and cabarets have shut their doors in the tourist haven of Pattaya, as business has ground to a standstill after worldwide travel restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic.

For one of the world’s most famed — some might say infamous — tourism hotspots, the economic devastation is near-total and business owners say haven’t seen anything like it for four decades

“Our organisation has halted business 100%. Pattaya is a tourist city, we rely mostly on them. The whole city is affected by the virus,” Alcazar Cabaret Show executive Pawin Phettrakul told Reuters.

In normal times, the theatre — which features high-kicking dancing girls wearing elaborate feather headdresses and sequined dresses — sees over a thousand tourists daily, but now there are zero.

Alcazar Cabaret is not planning on laying off its staff at the moment, but the foreseeable future seems bleak.

Thailand depends on tourism for around 12% of its GDP, but in Pattaya, nearly the entire economy runs on visitors.

The resort town saw over 15 million visitors in 2018, according to the 2019 Chonburi Provincial Statistical Report, which was already a 20% drop from the previous year.

“I would say that this is the worse that has ever hit Pattaya. And, during the past two to three weeks, so much businesses has already folded, has already [gone] bankrupt, closed down due to the coronavirus,” said Roy Fu Wanlong, a business owner in Pattaya.

The city in recent years has been trying to shed its association with sex tourism that started in the 1970s when it became a rest and relaxation spot for US soldiers during the Vietnam War.

The town has promoted family-friendly entertainment and boat tours in the city. 

First Thai woman infected with coronavirus

BANGKOK (Bernama): Thailand has detected four cases of Wuhan coronavirus including one Thai woman, health authorities said on Wednesday (Jan 22).

The 73-year-old Thai woman, who had travelled to Wuhan, had developed a fever after returning to Thailand. She is the first patient in the country diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, said all four patients (three Chinese and one Thai) travelled to Wuhan and came down with fever and respiratory symptoms.

“The local Thai patient has received treatment at a hospital at Nakhon Pathom, about 60km from Bangkok. Her condition is improving,” he told reporters here on Wednesday.

On Jan 12, Thailand reported its first confirmed coronavirus where a 61-year-old woman from the Chinese city of Wuhan was detected with febrile illness by thermal surveillance at Suvarnabhumi Airport upon her arrival.

Anutin said two Chinese patients have been discharged from hospital and returned home while a third patient would fly home once lab test results confirm he is infection-free.

“There have not been any cases of human-to-human transmission in Thailand,” he said.

At present, nine people have died from coronavirus in China with 440 confirmed cases reported.

Thailand has stepped up on monitoring and surveillance at its airports with direct flights from Wuhan following the Lunar New Year holidays this week where thousands of Chinese tourists are expected to travel to Thailand.

From January 3 to 20, 18,383 passengers and aircrew members from 116 flights were screened for respiratory symptoms and febrile illness.

World Health Organisation (WHO) said the Department of Disease Control of Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has scaled up the Emergency Operations Centre to Level 2 to closely monitor the ongoing situation both at the national and international levels.

“Risk communication guidance has been shared with the public and a hotline has been established by the Department of Disease Control of Thailand for people returning from the affected area in China with related symptoms,” said WHO in its Novel Coronavirus daily report.- Bernama

Share with you a sad story, keep in mind there are still honest Thai girl.

I was in Thailand in October. On my last full day there, I was in the lower food court of the Paragon (sp?) shopping mall. I noticed a very nice looking Thai girl eating alone. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I’m pretty shy, but I really wanted to know this girl. I walked by, said hello, and gave her my business card which had my e-mail address on it. I just said, “I’m leaving tomorrow, but if you’d like to stay in touch, here is my card and e-mail address.

When I returned back to the US, I had an e-mail from “Meena”. She said that she had a myspace page and that I could contact her there. 

We started a relationship from that point on. Meena and I each got webcams, and microphones so we could talk via Yahoo messenger for free. I’d never done it before and it was amazing how easy it was to see each other and talk. 

Meena grew up in New Zealand, and comes from a very nice family. In fact, she told me of a twin sister who lived in San Fransico.

After months of talking, I really wanted to get to know this girl. I found a cheap flight on the 13th of Feb so I booked it. She teaches art at a school in BKK, and she wanted to take me down to Trang where her mother lived. Her father passed away a few years ago. 

Everything was going great when one day (night in BKK) Meena called and told me that she didn’t feel well and was going to the hospital. I never heard from her after that. She’d never return my messages or calls. That was on the 4th of Feb.

Thinking that she hadn’t been honest with me and that she had a boyfriend or something. Yes, I’ve been to Thailand before and know all about the bar girls and all that stuff. I didn’t think Meena was like that though.

I went to Thailand anyway, and tried to call Meena while I was there, but the phone said that I couldn’t reach that number at this time. I didn’t know where her school was, and only knew that her mother lived in Trang.

After I returned, I was still troubled by Meena’s lack of explaination to not talking to me. I returned last Tuesday.

On Wed, I had a message on myspace from her twin sister asking if I was the one that had been talking to Meena. She wanted my phone number and would call me that night. She never called.

On Thursday, Meena’s sister called me. 

After calling me, Meena went to the hospital and died four days later. I didn’t know it, but Meena had Leukemia. She’s had it since she was 12. She had planned to tell me when I got there about her illness. She never got the chance.

Her sister flew back to BKK the day she died. She knew that I was in Thailand, but didn’t know where I was and couldn’t get ahold of me. She was able to track me down via myspace to tell me the bad news.

Meena hadn’t been involved with anyone in five years and her family was so happy that she had meet me. They said that she was so full of life and happy about spending time with me. Her and her mother went out shopping for me. They bought new sheets for “my” bed and her mother bought me a robe to wear while there.

I just wish I had known of her illness. I would have taken the next flight there. I would have made sure that I had her mothers phone number and known the hospital in which she was going to.

My heart is broken today, but I have a new Angel watching over me

Is My Thai Girlfriend Different ?

We have all heard lots of different horror stories about Thai girls and equally, we have all been told by a tourist visiting Pattaya for the first time that his girlfriend is ‘different’. The fact that they feel the need to tell us that their Thai girlfriend is ‘different’ tells us that he is more than aware of the potential pitfalls and has either chosen to ignore the threat or he genuinely believes what he is saying.

To that say that all Thai girls are bad is completely inaccurate as there are far more good ones out there than bad. The problem is in a place like Pattaya, many guys meet a girl in a bar, which is absolutely fine, but you need to be aware of her background and what her job is. Some girls who work in bars are only after money, often to support their families rather than through greed, so will spin a few yarns. Others Thai bargirls are looking to find a boyfriend and settle down. Think which category ‘your Thai girlfriend’ falls into.

Of course, there are so many factors that may also influence how your Thai girlfriend will treat you and YOU are certainly a factor in this. If you treat her well, you will probably get this twice back in return but the same also works in reverse. Also, what is your Thai girlfriend’s background? Was she brought up in a stable family, does she have a family to support and what education has she had? These are all things you need to consider. Are her options limited in terms of employment? The family will always come first and that is the case with 99% of Thai girls – so bear that in mind!

As we touched upon before, you need to consider what her objectives are. What is SHE looking to get out of the relationship? If she is ready to have a boyfriend and the levels of commitment are the same from both sides then you do have a chance of having a Thai girlfriend who is ‘different’. However, if she has no interest in settling down with you or anyone else, the chances are, you will soon be thinking that she is ‘just like all the rest’. This is something you need to discuss together but be wary she might not tell the truth.

If you are both committed to each other then you may think about taking your new Thai girlfriend back to the UK with you. In order for her to do this, she would need a visa to enter the UK. This will mean that she can visit the UK for up to six months legally. If you are both prepared to do this, then hopefully things may progress and the next time you may decide to marry your Thai girlfriend in the UK. If you are interested in getting UK immigration advice in Thailand then we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us 

Thai Story with Farang

It’s healthy to check your thai. You can see by this story, where the feeling can bring a man to ruin his life.

A drunken British National stabbed his Thai wife in a jealous rage after finding out she hasn‘t been faithful.

At 1:00 a.m. on July 8th, 2006, Police Lieutenant General Manoch Bamphenthan of the Pattaya Police Station received a report from Miss Boosadee Maneejan, that a male foreigner had just stabbed his wife. The incident had taken place in front of Sunny Inn Hotel in Pattaya.

On the scene, the police found the body of Miss Chawee Pimasri, age 26, lying in a pool of her own blood. She had a severe stab wound to her chest, just below her left breast, and she was in critical condition. The police officers had her immediately sent to Pattaya Memorial Hospital for treatment of her wound.

Upon questioning the onlookers, it was determined that the man who had stabbed her was Mr. Denis Gill, aged 64, a British National, and also her husband. Apparently the two had been overheard having a heated argument, when Mr. Gill pulled out an 8” knife and stabbed his wife. When witnesses on the scene tried to help out, Mr. Gill fled the scene, stabbing himself as he left. He ran back into the hotel where he was staying and hid himself at the 3rd floor entrance.

The officers entered the building and found Denis sitting in a pool of his own blood, still holding the knife he used to commit the crime. He was found to be in a drunken state, making a lot of noise and carrying on like an insane person. He scolded everyone who tried to get close to him, and used the long, sharp knife to repeatedly stab himself until he was completely covered in blood. He severely sliced open his left wrist, and blood was flowing everywhere. Officers pleaded with him to cool down and instructed him to drop the knife, but Denis was in no mood to listen and was unwilling to relinquish the knife.

The officers feared that the situation might escalate, due to the fact that Denis would not give up the knife. An interpreter and a doctor from Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital were called in to help. The interpreter tried to talk to Mr. Gill and to reason with him, but had no luck. Pacing back and forth with blood draining from his body, and still wielding the knife, he threatening to kill himself if any one approached. The police and the interpreter tried again to get him to give up the knife, but had no luck. They were worried if this continued on for too long, he would die from massive blood loss.

Thirty minutes later, the officers had convinced him to drink some water. Just as the officers were handing him the water, they quickly jumped him and removed the knife from his possession. Denis was too fatigued from his blood loss to put up any kind of a fight. The police took the knife for evidence. Denis was escorted from the 3rd floor to the lobby of the hotel where and ambulance was waiting to take him to Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital. The staff at the hospital had informed the police that Miss. Chawee Pimasri, wife of Denis, had died from injuries.

Miss Busadee Maneejan, age 21, was the sister of the deceased. She had told police that Denis had been living with her sister for the last six months, and he often traveled back and forth from England. He had recently sent his wife 600,000 Baht to invest in Apple Beer Bar, which was located only 100 meters from the hotel where the crime had been committed. When he was not in Thailand, he would send her between 40-50,000 Baht a month to live on. He returned to Pattaya on June 26th to be with his wife, and checked into the Sunny Inn Hotel. He continued to manage his beer bar business with his wife but something had changed. Since he had returned to Thailand, his wife had not had sex with him. This caused Denis to think something was fishy. While he was gone, his wife had managed to bar, and he knew that many foreign men made passes at his wife. Then he found out that his wife was also dating a Thai man. This caused Denis to become very jealous and was the main reason for the argument.

Three days before the crime, Denis was consuming quite alot of alcohol and he had a heated argument with his wife. As they walked into the hotel they were shouting and yelling at each other, when Denis pulled out the knife and stabbed her.

Police Lieutenant General, Manoch Bamphenthan, who handled the case, mentioned that the reason Denis gave for committing the crime was that he was drunk and became enraged when he found out about his wife’s Thai lover. Denis is being held in police custody until he goes to trial for his crime

Confessions: 7 reasons why Thai girls cheat

Cute girls

Most men cheat for physical reasons and when for emotional ones, though why is it exactly that makes Thai girls cheat on their boyfriends and husbands. For Thai girls it’s not your normal reasons for the most part but some are, Thai girls are not only jealous but it’s also more likely that your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you than a western woman would, the reasons why Thai girls cheat might even surprise you. The good news is there are many ways to ensure that your Thai girl won’t cheat on you.
I’ve learned there are many reasons why Thai girls cheat on you, from being bored, to you being bored in bed, to baffling reasons like she just wanted to try it. Read on for the truth behind reasons why Thai girls cheat.

List of reasons why Thai girls cheat

Reason #1: There is no fire or passion

“Su” had been dating this guy Brendan from Canada for about 2 years now, everything on the outside looked great both working, living in a nice house, good friends. But the reality was their relationship was OK except they just didn’t have a spark anymore, Brendan lately had been getting massages for relief and at the expense of his wife who wasn’t getting any. So when some guy from Australia approached her at the gym, she felt excitement like she hadn’t felt for years, next thing leads to the next, and before you know it Su is pairing up with this Aussie 3 times a week. She didn’t feel bad about Brendan because he was getting his own. Don’t forget about your main girl if you are messing around, you need to make sure she is satisfied or you run the risk of her finding it elsewhere.

Reason #2: Delaying the inevitable breakup

Sometimes a Thai girl might not be that into you, she may be everything to you but if it’s not reciprocal then it’s just not going to work out. Thai girls though won’t come out and tell you this, unless they are financially stable they are more likely to go find another sugar daddy while still with you, once the other daddy relationship is fully established you’ll come home one day to find her gone. How do you know she is dating someone else will vary depending on how you guys live your lives, though if you do find out, best thing to do is help her find the other guy or you’ll be stuck with her.

Reason #3: You don’t live in Thailand

A mate of mine lives in California for 11 months of the year and for 1 month of the year here’s in Thailand, he’s had a girlfriend here for the past 7 years. Being away for 11 months of the year is a strain on the relationship, while he had been faithful, his girlfriend had not, in fact she had several other boyfriends that also only came to Thailand once a year for a month. This had gone on for 5 years without him knowing about it, and how could he know about it he wasn’t even in Thailand! My mate was sending his Thai girl money every month so he could support her, even though this took great strain on his finances. Bottom line is if you meet a Thai girl in a bar Thai girl in a bar and expect her to be faithful when you aren’t around then the only person who is going to eat dirt is you!

Reason #4: No sense of commitment

Thai girls mostly want to date foreigners because of the stability, and if there is no stability then she is going to look elsewhere. Why do you think so many Thai guys are able to have more than one girlfriend at a time and it seems the girls turn a blind eye to it? It’s because the Thai girl knows she has stability with the guy, the guy is always going to be there for her where no one else is. If she knows your not going to get rid of her then she’ll be ok about you having a second girlfriend. But, if it’s very new in the relationship and she doesn’t think your going to take care of her for the rest of her life then you have a 90% chance that she is going to cheat on you, she is more likely to do this in the beginning of your relationship so make sure you keep reiterating to her that you intend to stick around.

Reason #5: You treat her too badly

Let’s face it, Thai girls are a real handful they can be whiny, annoying, threatening, ungrateful and unfaithful. But if you beat her down she will resent you, you call her fat, and stupid all the time, she just isn’t going to like you anymore and won’t think your fun either, think about it would you want to be with that person too? The worse you treat your Thai girl the more likely it is that she is going to cheat on you, some french guy she meets at 7 eleven offers her to go to his room and is really nice to her, she’s going to think about the last time you hit her and probably go.

Reason #6: She is really really bored

James is a 40 year old teacher that lives in Thailand. He goes to teach 6 days a week for about 10 hours a day, the schedule is quite grueling but because he works for one of the top high schools in the country he enjoys a very healthy salary in the 6 figure mark. His 21 year old girlfriend doesn’t go to college doesn’t work and basically sits at home all day watching TV soaps, she has no interest nor motivation to go to the gym, go back to school,or join any sort of club.