Check your Thai

CheckYourThai is a online community platform concentrating agents foreign or Thai who are helping people to see the truth regarding their girlfriend. They are proposing their services all around Thailand.

The agents make analysis, investigation at very reasonable prices.

This online community platform services have been created since 2010. Agents had been deployed in all the Thailand in strategic places.

The agents are covering infidelity cases, background checks (through a partner), surveillance , missing persons in Thailand, psychology support, and records searches (through a partner), in Thailand.

They can investigate your Thai girlfriend, cheating husband on a business trip in Thailand …

They accept the following private investigation assignments:

  • Find out if your Thai girlfriend is faithful
  • Take photo of your Thai girl friend
  • Investigation on her job
  • Go out with her

CheckYourThai has partners, which could provide those services below:

  • Private investigation of your Thai girlfriend, fiancée, or wife.
  • Lost or missing Thai girlfriend or fiancée.
  • Confidential private investigation of a cheating spouse in Thailand.
  • Corporate or business background checks and business verification reporting.


Those prices below are an approximation on what the agents take on this online community platform. The prices are not exact, but help you to deal with the agent.

Cheap Investigation

This package is for people who do not really know where their Thai really works , or they want to check if their Thai are doing the job that she told

    • Check where she works
    • Check where she is going out
    • Know her time in daily life
    • Find out the way she is (gold digger, serious…)

The approximate price for this package is about 3000 bahts

Full Investigation

This package takes all the services of the previous packages, but this investigation bring some concret information, such:

    • Take pictures where she is going out

The approximate price for this package is about 5000 bahts

Cheap Approach

This package takes all the services of the cheap investigation package, but it will bring some concret actions, such:

    • Enter in contact with her friends
    • As expert in spy, know her by their friends, and we find out her true life

The approximate price for this package is about 6000 bahts

Full spying mode

This package takes all the services of the previous packages, it is the best way to know if your Thai is faithful.

    • Enter in contact personally
    • Proposition to know her better, chat on instant messages, go out together, …
    • Pictures or videos of the activities

The approximate price for this package is about 8000 bahts

Thai Girls

Many of the Thai girls you meet in the bars/discos/nightclubs want to be your paid holiday girlfriend! Others only want to keep you company for a few hours or for the night and hopefully she say goodbye to you in the morning with a kiss on your cheek. If the girl don’t want to leave you in the morning she probably thinks of herself as your new holiday girlfriend!

Finding girl company for the night/week/month/year is extremely easy in Patong. Too easy will some say. One never go home alone after a night out. Even if you want to sleep alone you will “always” wake up next morning with a girl sharing your bed. This is after all Patong. A paradise for men, both young and old!

With one hundred or so bars around Soi Bangla and others spread around Patong you will not find it difficult to find a bar where you can sit down with a cold beer while enjoying the company of one the girls working there. They will all be more than happy to chat and play bar games with you while you order more and more drinks. You are happy. The bar owner are happy and the girls are happy knowing that the bar has earned money this night too!

If you meet a girl you would like to get to now better in one of the bars and she agree to go with you and the bar has not yet closed for the night then a bar fine have to be paid. Her leaving the bar where she work means less income to the bar and that has to be compensated.

If you don’t meet a girl before the bars close then don’t worry. Many of the bar girls that has not been bar fined earlier that night will go to a nearby disco or nightclub to have fun. There you will see them again and have a second chance without the need to pay a bar fine. Discos and nightclubs are also where freelancers like to hang out while looking for a ‘hansom man’ to go home with.

Next morning you should wake up with a girl sharing your bed. If not, you must had a blackout and forgot which hotel you staid at!

There is a good chance the girl you met last night want to stay with you more than one day. But don’t say yes if you want to meet other girls. Instead send her home. Don’t forget you are here on vacation to have fun in paradise before going back home to the real world where no girls will shout ‘hansom man’ to you in the street.

But read this first so you know the name of the game:

Some girls have boyfriends all over the world sending them thousands of baht every month. Of course their boyfriends think they are the only man for her. While at the same time they work in one of the many bars in Patong hoping to meet a hansom farang with an even thicker wallet!

I don’t say you can’t meet girls and have fun, but don’t give them too much money. If they love you they don’t care so much about money anyway.

She will keep in touch with you, but the email you will receive are not always written by her. Lots of girls get help from the shop, friends or farangs to write back, so expect your email to be read by many people. Don’t write anything you don’t want others to read. Sooner or later you may receive e-mail telling her mother’s buffalo is sick or her sister is in hospital, asking for you to help her out with some money. She will send it to all her farang boyfriends hoping some of them will send money.


Please contact us by this formulaire, our team will back to you in 12 hours maximum.

    Client’s comments

    Thank you

    I was a buterfly for many years. Finally, I got serious about meeting the Love of my Life. I contacted team’s CYT and hesitating during one month. During that time I met so many great women. However, I met one that I had a connection with immediately. We spent every waking moment together online for 4 months before I finally went to Thailand to Marry Her. I had a life changing time with her. I will love her forever and she feels the same way about me. Thank you CYT to make me confident and investigate on waht she was saying.


    Michel Burne

    My thai Cory

    Thank you CheckYourThai! I was skeptical at first, but thanks to this web site, I have found the women of my dreams. We are getting Married in December!